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Monday October 3rd

18.00-20.00       Reception of Lund City Council

Meet with the Mayor of Lund, mingle with participants and get a good start to the conference! Venue: Lund Konsthall (Art Gallery)


Tuesday October 4th

Conference venue:
New venue! Lundmarksalen, Astronomy building

09.30-10.00     Registration

10.00-10.30      Introduction: Why this conference?
                         Stacey Sörensen, Pro Vice-Chancellor

10.30-11.30       Keynote speaker: Maria Ong

11.30-11.45        Break for coffee/tea

11.45-12.30        Contributed papers: Katherine Harrison and
                          Matilda Svensson Chowdhury

12.30-13.15       Lunch

13.15-14.15       Keynote speaker: Eileen Drew

14.15-14.30       Break

14.30-16.00       Keynote speakers: Cathelijn Waaijer and Mathias Wullum Nielsen

16.00-17.00       Liquid café, mingle with speakers

19.00                 Dinner, Grand Hotel


Wednesday October 5th

Conference venue:
New venue! Lundmarksalen, Astronomy building

09.00-09.30     Keynote speaker: Katrien Maes

09.30-10.00      Contributed papers: Hanna Vehkamäki

10.00-10.30      Break for coffee/tea

10.30-11.30       Keynote speaker: Ineke Klinge

11.30-11.40       Break

11.40-12.40      Keynote speaker: Paul Walton

12.40-13.20      Lunch

13.20-14.00      Keynote speaker: Sue Rosser (video)

14.00-15.30      Liquid café:
How do we implement what we learned in LERU and Lund?



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