A conference on implementation of a critical diversity perspective in the academia

The conference will take place at Lund University, October 4-5, 2016.

For many years the Faculty of Science, The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University have worked very actively for gender equality and to promote gender issues. Several projects have been launched, talks and seminars have been organized. This has been very stimulating, but sometimes we have noticed some frustration that still so little happens – a kind of gender paradox that despite working so actively and for a long time, things change slowly.

Now it is time to open up for contacts and networks between researchers and practitioners in the field. This could be compared to how we work with educational development, where we try to create conditions for our teachers to develop research-based methods and approaches.

We also want to internationalize the work we do through our Committees for Equality and Diversity (CED) by working closely with LERU (League of European Research Universities).

If you have any questions about the conference you are welcome to contact us at gender2016@science.lu.se

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